Advertising Information

When it comes to effective advertising, there is simply nothing more important than thoughtful planning.  Before you start, you need to sit down and ask some key questions such as:

  • What are we trying to accomplish with the ad?

  • Are we after name branding?

  • Do we need to produce qualified leads?

  • How will we measure success for this ad campaign?

  • Are we looking for high click through?

  • Who is most likely to be interested in our product or message?

Mining USA is one of the most effective mediums for advertising to the international mining sector, with online visitors every month from over 75 countries.  Mining USA produces an average of 190,000+ hits per month and focuses on mining related information only.  MISI offers two sizes of banners for advertising on our commercial site  The available sizes are:

Standard Banner
300 X 60 pixels

Standard Banner
90 X 180 pixels






To further enhance your company's presence on the Internet, MISI's graphic design department can create Banner Advertisements customized to your company's needs.

Advantages of Banner Advertisements

Customers have a direct link to your web site
Promotes your company identity
Bring potential clients to your site

Banners are placed at the top of selected pages in a rotating list (click here for demo), which means that each time a visitor views the page a different banner will appear.  We also do animated banners, which cost just a little bit more depending on the complexity of the design.

Pricing for banner placement is as follows:

  • Home Page $100 / 3 mo. or $350 year
  • Secondary Pages $75 / 3 mo. or $250 year

Pricing for typical banner design:

  • Standard banner $35
  • Animated banner $50

Please E-mail or call if you have questions,