Web Services

MISI provides successful Web development, knowledge and skills in many areas, and a constant attention to four processes:

  1. Planning: define target audience, purpose, objectives, and policies for information development and use.
  2. Analysis: check technical construction of web with validation tools; evaluate information consistency and verify correctness of domain information.
  3. Design: separate information into page-sized increments; connect pages along routes of use and user thinking; provide information, context, and navigation cues; create a consistent look and feel.
  4. Promotion: target publicity releases for general Web audiences, potential users, and current users; follow online community norms and practices; innovatively connect with users to meet their needs.

The following are some of the services that we offer. If you don't see an option that you want for your website, please ask if it is available.

  • Web Site Design
  • Web Site Hosting
  • Monthly Usage Report (Unique Domains Only)
  • Company Listings and Links
  • E-mail Boxes
  • Domain Name Registration
  • E-mail Forms or Questionnaires
  • Guest book
  • Custom Graphics or Logos
  • Animated Graphics
  • Banner Advertisements
  • Banner Designs
  • Website Search Engine
  • Scanning Services
  • Streaming Video
  • Search Engine Submittal