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Mining Related Mapping Resources

FreeGIS - Software overview on free Geographic Information Systems.


GEO Community - THE place for the Geographic Information Systems (GIS), CAD and Mapping.


Illinois Natural Resources Geospatial Data Clearinghouse - This site is a gateway to GIS data and imagery for Illinois.


Indiana Spatial Data Portal - This site provides access to more than 14.6 terabytes of Indiana geospatial data. Most data sets are available to the public for download and have no use restrictions.


Kentucky Mine Mapping Information System

This Website provides Internet access to view and download (1) all known mined out areas (polygons) digitized by the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet (2) individual Mine reports from the Mines and Minerals database, and (3) Scanned images of Engineering drawings (mine maps) submitted to Mines and Minerals since January 2002 and selected earlier maps.


Kentucky Division of Geographic Information (DGI)

As part of the Commonwealth Office of Technology, the Division of Geographic Information (DGI) is responsible for encouraging, coordinating, and implementing GIS programs within the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  DGI works with both state and local government, and serves as a liaison to federal mapping agencies.


Ohio Department of Natural Resources GIMS web pages contains information related to digital geographic data and the Geographic Information Management Systems Program.


Ohio Geological Survey A Division of DNR - The geologic maps, reports, and data files developed by the Division can be used by individuals, educators, industry, businesses, and government.


Tennessee Federal GIS Data Server

Developed by the Tennessee Federal GIS Users Group and the supported by the Tennessee Geographic Information Council (TNGIC), this server distributes spatial data layers that are shared among Federal, State, and local GIS facilities in Tennessee.


USGS National Elevation Dataset (NED) has been developed by merging the highest-resolution, best quality elevation data available across the United States into a seamless raster format. NED is the result of the maturation of the USGS effort to provide 1:24,000-scale Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data for the conterminous US and 1:63,360-scale DEM data for Alaska. The dataset provides seamless coverage of the United States, HI, AK, and the island territories. NED has a consistent projection (Geographic), resolution (1 arc second), and elevation units (meters). The horizontal datum is NAD83, except for AK, which is NAD27. The vertical datum is NAVD88, except for AK, which is NAVD29. NED is a living dataset that is updated bimonthly to incorporate the "best available" DEM data. As more 1/3 arc second (10m) data covers the US, then this will also be a seamless dataset.


West Virginia DEP GIS Server

Locate mining permits, abandoned mine hazards, dump cleanup projects, toxics release sites, and voluntary remediation sites.


West Virginia State GIS Technical Center

To provide focus, direction and leadership to users of geographic information systems (GIS), digital mapping and remote sensing within the State of West Virginia.


West Virginia Coal Bed Mapping Project (CBMP)

The goal of the West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey's Coal Bed Mapping Project (CBMP) is to create a Geographic Information System (GIS)-based inventory of coal in the great state of West Virginia.


Among the map layers available to select and display are: structural contours, elevation control points, mined and remaining coal areas, geological discontinuities, total bed thickness, net coal thickness, percent parting, and thickness control points for 42 different coal beds.













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