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General Coal Mining Books

21st Century Complete Guide to Mining: Mine Safety, Surface Coal Mines, and Accidents, with Comprehensive Information from the Mine Safety and Health Administration, NIOSH, and the Office of Surface Mining (Three CD-ROM Set) - This electronic book on three CD-ROMs presents comprehensive information on the mining industry, including the complete contents of two titles, the Complete Guide to Mine Safety (1592480365) and the Complete Guide to Surface Mining (ISBN 1592480381).


A Social Contract for the Coal Fields - The Rise and Fall of the United Mine Workers of America Welfare and Retirement Fund.


Coal Waste Impoundments: Risks, Responses, and Alternatives, Report from the Committee on Coal Waste Impoundments, Committee on Earth Resources, and the Board on Earth Sciences and Resources. Softcover.


Combustion and Gasification of Coal - Provides an overview of problems and technologies associated with the two most common uses of coal: combustion and gasification. Outlines problems in emissions and pollution, and competition from natural gas, nuclear energy, and renewable energy sources, then examines technical aspects of coal combustion, covering combustion of pulverized coal and the combustion mechanism of coal in fixed, moving, and fluidized beds.


Frothing in Flotation II (Recent Advances in Coal Processing) Designed to assist in the understanding of phenomena that take place in froth & in the interpretation of visual froth images in flotation as well as to encourage the development of optimal procedures for flotation through the regulation of the froth structure.


Remediation of Abandoned Surface Coal Mining Sites: A Nato-Project (Environmental Engineering (Berlin, Germany)













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