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VHS & CD Music


Bridges & Mining
A 2 Tape set for children of all ages, fun to watch.


Coal Barons
The Industrial Revolution was powered by coal. The black ore fueled the boilers of the trains that brought progress to America and furnished power to the factories that made the nation an economic dynamo. And coal made many Americans very rich indeed.

This episode of the acclaimed AMERICA'S CASTLES® series showcases the magnificent mansions made by the magnates of coal. Tour Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, British Columbia, whose owner died just months after his massive home was completed. Eventually made into a museum, it boasts some of the finest stained glass windows ever made. Stained glass also shines in Pennsylvania's Linden Hall, whose Tiffany windows are valued today at five to seven million dollars. Meet the curators of Blithewold, a 45 room stone and stucco mansion in Newport, Rhode Island where exotic gardens and landscaping are maintained according to nearly century-old plans.


Coal Power
It gives you a general overview of coal mining in the Powder River Basin in Montana. Good video of mining equipment being used and the also footage of mine blasting.


Powder River Showdown
America’s last great railroad frontier takes center stage in Powder River Showdown, where America’s two Western giants — Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific — serve the rich coal mines of eastern Wyoming. Witness a thundering parade of countless BNSF and UP coal trains roaring along double-, triple-, and even four-track main lines.


Legacy of King Coal
A comprehensive chronicle of this vital industry, featuring extensive footage of coal mining through the years. Trace the long history of labor unrest that often pointed the way for other industries, and relive some of the worst industrial disasters in history. Descend into the bowels of the earth for an up-close look at modern coal mining, and see how, despite countless technological advances and safety features, it remains one of the most dangerous of man's undertakings. In extensive interviews, labor leaders and coal company presidents offer insights into this vital industry, while industrial historians trace the impact of coal on the American economy.


Coal Mining Women Various Artists

Slovak Csardas Dance Tunes from the Pennsylvania Coal Mines 1928-1930

Coal Miner's Daughter Original Soundtrack













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