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The Old Photo Page 2002


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December 2002
This photo shows 6 miners from an unknown mine in Western KY, photo was taken sometime between 1910-20?.


November 2002
This photo shows a mine rescue team in front mine #30 of The United States Coal & Coke Company, taken about 1922 in Lynch, KY.


October 2002
This photo was taken sometime after 1920 in Harlan County, KY near Benham or Lynch.


September 2002
This photo was taken March 26, 1914 of the Big Sandy Operators at Mine 204 Tipple near Jenkins, KY, provided by David A. Zegeer.


August 2002
My dad "Snooks" worked here from 1945 to 1950. It is located along the Monongahela River, Fayette County, just south of Brownsville, Pa. Submitted by: John W. Lowery, Jr.


July 2002
This photo was taken July 18, 1912 of Mine 205 near Jenkins, KY, provided by David A. Zegeer.


June 2002
This is Colonial #4 Mine located in Fayette County, Pa., It was connected with Colonial #3 Mine, provided by John Lowery, Jr.


May 2002
This Photo was taken of the Ernest Mine located in Pennsylvania dated 1910, provided by John Lowery, Jr.


April 2002
This old photo was taken in the late 1940's to early 1950's for U.S. Steel, of a coal miner loading sand for the mine car, Lynch, KY.


March 2002
This was a photo postcard of  the Mid-way Coal Mine in Henryetta, Oklahoma  about 1940's.


February 2002
This photo was taken at Lynch, Kentucky in the 1950's for U.S. Steel, of Mine No. 32 on Black Mountain.

Colonial 3 Rowes Run 1937

January 2002
This is the Colonial 3 Mine, Located in Rowes Run, Pa., Fayette County. Photo taken about 1937.  Mine closed in the late 50's.  Photo submitted by John W. Lowery, Jr.


Mine Tipple - Consol

December 2001
Coal Tipple in Jenkins, Kentucky sporting Consolidation Coal Company's Cavalier Trademark. Photo taken mid - 1950's.


November 2001
This photo was taken at Lynch, Kentucky in the 1950's for U.S. Steel.  This photo shows a miner cutting a timber for roof support in mine No. 30 or 31.


October 2001
This photo was taken at Benham, Kentucky in the 1920's for International Harvester.  Shown on the right are the coke ovens that were used to process the millions of tons of coal mined by the coal company.







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